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I would describe Kaidi as an intuitive, creative, imaginative leader with incredible vision and unrivalled commercial experience.

Eleonor  Lauri

If you want to be part of a community of like-minded women learning, learn an amazing set of personal development tools and be part of the wisdom, philosophy and insight that Kaidi brings definately sign up for this

Louise C

I really enjoyed this course, it has definitely given me more tools in my toolbox and a different mindset towards my business

Ann Marie F

Kaidi's generous wisdom has had a profound impact on my life…in ways that stretch beyond imagination. Being part of this course has helped me see myself in a bigger and broader light and given me the confidence, support, and tools to grow my business, playfully explore my vision and gracefully take my place in this world to make a difference.

Abi Watts 

Kaidi is so knowledgable and not afraid to “go for it”. This alone is so inspiring. She cares deeply about the success of her students. This course is for you if you are tired of playing small and know there is more for you out there. You’ll get past your fears and start living your dream.

Anne - Louise L

Kaidi has helped me think strategically and put in place one step at a time to achieve goals that may have remained simply as dreams without her help. Her training, tools, life wisdom and positive energy have been invaluable and will continue to be, I am sure as I go forward."

Karen H

I’d like to thank you Kaidi, for being so amazing and helping me unlock my true self. Honestly, I’m so much happier and secure in myself than this time last year. It’s truly been life-changing for me!

Naiph N

Kaidi is a brilliant coach. I always feel so peaceful after our sessions. She helped me to identify my biggest fears and overcome them. She helps me to connect with myself on a deep level. I feel secure and supported by her. Wish I have known her earlier!" Daiva

Daiva N

"I took part in the first You Unlimited course with Kaidi and learned a lot about ways that we as women hold back and play mall. The course had some really helpful tools and practices for examining these patterns and making changes. The world needs more women who bravely bring their full selves to the world, and this course is a great support to those that are ready to learn how."

Kate B 

If you’d like to hear more reviews from our students, simply reach out.

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