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Kaidi’s style of coaching is very much person focussed, responding to where you are and what you need at a given time. She can be practical and focussed, offering advice and tips on anything from CVs to website design. But she is also insightful, encouraging more personal reflection, which touches on bigger questions of what you value, where you want to be, and what is stopping you achieving this goal. Above all Kaidi is there for you - offering you the chance to think as creatively as you can with the belief that anything is possible if you let yourself embrace it and work towards it.

Mark O Managing Director

I started off my career coaching sessions, feeling very unconfident about my skills and experience and being very unsure about marketing myself. I also didn't really know exactly what I wanted to do next with my life. Kaidi is very approachable, and she really helped me come out of my shell, to open up to her and enabled me to discuss things I initially felt uncomfortable with. She helped me realise which direction I should be heading.  She gave me lots of practical help on CVs, identifying skills, interview practice etc.  But most of all, she gave me confidence in myself and pride in my abilities which led to early success for the next stage of my life.

Joanne Milner - IT Executive

What can I say? Literally life-changing from the very 1st session.
Kaidi has provided me with tools and techniques to better manage the areas of my life I was struggling with. Practical, personal, encouraging and just generally amazing! 
Cannot recommend this woman more highly.

Niamh O'L  Fashion Designer

I had career coaching with Kaidi and found it gave me a completely new direction, Kaidi was really supportive as I was made redundant, helping me to regain my equilibrium after the initial shock, then enlightening me on the job market in Cornwall and lots of practical interviews and job search help. I would highly recommend her coaching support

M. James~ Business Owner

Kaidi is a brilliant coach. I always feel so peaceful after our sessions. She helped me to identify my biggest fears and overcome them. She helps me to connect with myself on a deep level. I feel secure and supported by her. Wish I have known her earlier!" Daiva

Daiva  Book Author

Kaidi has an amazing gift to understand where you are at and help you define your goals and work through the obstacles preventing you from getting there. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Leak ~ Ranch owner

Kaidi was my career coach post a very unexpected and difficult redundancy, after being employed since leaving school for the first time in my life I found myself questioning my career direction. Due to covid the recruitment market was poor and my sporadic approach to applying didn’t help. One particular session was ground breaking for me, Kaidi recognised I was losing confidence and gave me a real talking to instilling what factors had to be priorities in my search, she was kind with her words but gave me the prod I needed to recognise my career standard and worth. I followed her words and kept reverting to what I should be applying for and how to approach it and sure enough I landed the job I wanted, on the same level I had been made redundant from with an exciting company where I know I can make a difference. I cannot thank her enough she had a very kind way of telling me to keep going but approach it differently giving me reasons to help understand rejection on a professional not personal level. I would not hesitate to use her in the future

Adele B  - Chemist

Even in a difficult situation, having to carry out all sessions remotely due to lockdown, each session was full of useful information and given in a very accessible and empowering way.
Thanks for your help

David G  - Amenities Manager

I want to share with you my experience of Synergise and in particular Kaidi Bowen. If you responded to the above hello you are probably a bit like me, creative, driven and good at your job but have real difficulty in communicating your skills in written form.

Worry no more as Kaidi can and will help!!!

In a very short time Kaidi transformed my awkward CV into a piece of work so beautiful and eloquent that after reading it I wanted to hire myself.
She is very personable and patient and went the extra mile at every opportunity.

Im also very please to say that I have secured work and with out any doubt she played a strong part in that.

Thanks Kaid

D. Berry - Graphic Designer

Brilliant. Their life coaching has given me a whole new and positive way look of looking at me and the world around me

Nick S  Finance Director


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