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Welcome to Leaders With Nails for Women

We help women become authentic leaders by offering online courses specifically for women to enhance their leadership skills together with personal development tools.

Coaching & Mentoring Support is also an option both with the course package and independently.

You are in the right place if you want to 

1️⃣ Transform Your Leadership

2️⃣ Boost Your Confidence 

3️⃣Learn Life-Changing Tools

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Your Leadership Journey

Your RoadMap to Career Success

We often find ourselves managing teams with little or no training. Even with fantastic training, it falls short of what women need.  After 25 years as a Manager attending 100's of courses, Leaders with Nails was designed to make it easy for you to grow in confidence as an authentic leader. 

Step 1 - Register for the Program 

Step 2  - Take the classes at your own pace - benefit and grow after each one

Step 3 - Grow your career and self-belief and know how to support and get the best from other women, with these transformational tools. 


Get Access To The Training Right Away

Enhance your Career

1.Get access today - when you sign up, you will have 10 modules to choose from. You can mix and mix or dive into what you need most.

You will have access for six months.

2. Master New Skills - With your new skills, you will lead your team authentically and grow your career by learning to speak up and leaving old habits behind for good. 

3. Enhance your Career - Build the career you want, take leaps towards your goals and build financial security for yourself. 

Launch Price £397
Get Access Today only
Price will be $597

Leadership & Personal Development Tools

  • Boost your Confidence

  • Networking and LinkedIn 

  • Be More Courageous meet your Inner critic

  • Leader within

  • Time Management 

  • Decision Making 

  • Feedback Heaven

  • Courageous Conversations 

$950/4 sessions

Compliment the course with Co-Active Coaching

Professional Goal Setting with Leaders With Nails is unlike any other coaching program out there.
1. From the moment we start working together, we will set clear goals and explore your unique circumstances and needs.
2. Help you to achieve long-lasting change and reach your objectives, including accountability to ensure you follow up on your aspirations.
3. Explorations of the blocks, stopping you from achieving your goals. Overcoming lack of will power, doubts and beliefs that hold you back and giving you a way out of your stuckness.

$697 Launch Price
$997 Price from June 2021

Leadership Program including Mental Fitness Program, FB Group and GROW option.

1. A Discovery Session - 90 mins with Kaidi to explore getting the best from the course
2.Access to the Leaders With Nails Course plus a check-in coaching session after 2 months.
3. Ensure you reach your career objectives. Align your head, heart and gut to follow the right path for you to get ahead in your career.  
BONUS the GROW Program means access to more training as it is added.


Personal Coaching

If you wonder how it is possible that you lead other people but somehow you are so disorganised, scatty and deep down feel like one day you are going to be found out as an imposter, not worthy of being in your role. 

You are not alone, I wondered about this for over 20 years and I discovered it's a mismatch between how we are taught and what we need to achieve.  I trained as a Tara Mohe Facilitator to help women, focus on what's important to them and achieve their goals without fear, doubts and whilst achieving a work/life balance.

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Get ahead in your career

CV Mini Coaching Package 

Top Seller
CV to stand out in the Crowd

CV Course

Only £27 limited time offer

Job Market Blueprint

Most Popular Download 
FREE Workbook - Download on the link

Values Workbook

Top Giveaway- Make decision making easier 

Values Workbook 

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Recent Client Reviews 
We always welcome feedback so you can add a review of my coaching above.

Kaidi has supported me through certification, she is a talented coach, have strong instincts to know when I need a mentor and when to challenge me.

She has some excellent resources as I try to figure out how to start this business.  I appreciate her generosity and openness.

She has great intuition and is honest and straightforward, making it easy to build trust and dig into my inner beliefs and values.


Certification Coach 

“I've been working with Kaidi for nearly 2 years now and I just love this lady! She's exactly what she claims to be. She's empathic, kind and hugely intuitive; her leadership experience has enabled her to mentor and coach me,  supporting me from a place where I was struggling …... . Her ability to listen and immediately know the best way forward, what was needed to help me view myself and the world I live in differently, what actions needed to be done to create the most impact for each session. Kaidi helped me to create a toolkit of resources to help me strive to achieve my goals even after the coaching ended.  Having a coach changed my leadership.

Niamh O 

I have been working with Kaidi for several months now and the coaching/advice/interaction has been second to none. I have enjoyed every minute of our coaching sessions, the tools Kaidi has shared with me have massively helped, the time spent has been hugely beneficial, in general, every session I have had has been of great value and has helped me. I can't recommend Kaidi enough
Simon K

Entrepreneur Business Coaching 

I thought Kaidi Bowen would simply offer career advice, but the reality was she helped me uncover the key to unlock my limiting beliefs and the potential of my human spirit.
If you are interested in exploring your true potential, in living a life without regrets, go to her with an open mind and heart. Be accountable, trust the process and take action. Good things will come of it ;-)
Mike E

Redundancy Coaching


Embrace Your Future with Leaders With Nails

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