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Executive leadership & career coaching

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Service Description

I work with both organisations and individuals, so my days can vary greatly. I might go into a company and work with an executive for a couple of hours, helping them work through particular challenges. I might coach private clients in my office at Longrock. I also go into organisations and teach their leaders how to bring coaching into their leadership style. Research shows that a coaching style of leadership is most effective over the longer term. I help leaders become more, confident, more authentic overcoming their fears which in turn enables them to help their staff take more responsibility and move forward in their roles. I do this work on an individual basis for those execs who want to develop outside their organisation. Co-active coaching, the style I use, really focuses on growing the human being. One of its foundation beliefs is that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. We’re not trying to change people – my job is helping them become aware of their strengths and the mindsets that sabotage them. We focus on the whole person rather than compartmentalising people into “this is you at work, this is you at home” etc. To begin with, I trained to be a CTI coach, and then I had a great privilege of training with the Playing Big program with Tara Mohr enabling me to help clients with a proven toolkit for success. I completed certification where I came to realise in just two hours I can help clients feel so positive and so much clearer about everything literally transformation coaching. Following that, I did the certification and got my ICF PCC, and it felt like I was back on my natural path to help clients whatever kind of coaching they need. Before our meeting, I ask you to complete a detailed discovery document to start your own coaching and to capture your goals for the future.

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+ 44 7845 158171


Cornwall, UK



+44 7845 158171

Cornwall, UK

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