• Kaidi Bowen

Self-Development; Questions to give you clarity

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Take some time to explore and these choices of maturity and

character by answering the following questions:

1) Teaching others vs Being Taught

What are you currently learning that you could begin believing instead of your old story? What steps can you take today towards becoming a better friend to yourself?

2) Self-Evaluation vs. Self-Criticism

Do you opt for self-criticism or self-evaluation? Are you your own best friend or worst enemy? What changes can you make today towards becoming a better evaluator of yourself?

3) Seeking Unity vs. Promoting Disunity

Are you committed to working with and understanding other people or are you more interested in just doing things your own way? What changes can you begin making today to better understand others and begin working towards unity with other people?

4) Living by Faith vs. Living in Fear

Do you take risks 'in faith' that things will work out for the best, or do you tend to

'play it safe' in fear of making mistakes? How much more could you achieve with your life if you were to STOP exercising fear, and START exercising more faith?

5) Lifestyle Governed by Truth vs. Lifestyle Governed by Feelings

Are you completely honest with yourself and others in all areas of life? Do you hold yourself back just to keep the peace with others? Who could you be more honest with today if you weren’t worried about how others would react?

6) Desiring Growth & Challenge vs. Desiring Pleasure & Happiness

Do you embrace challenge and look for ways to grow and develop yourself, or, are you more inclined to shy away from change? What areas of your life could you start improving yourself in today to become of greater value to others?

7) Developing Self-Awareness vs. Emotional Reactiveness

Do you evaluate life and circumstances from an objective viewpoint or are you more inclined to react emotionally to other people and the circumstances that you face? What changes can you begin making today to help you develop a greater degree of self-awareness?

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