• Kaidi Bowen

Benefits of coaching in the workplace - why you should learn this essential skill for leaders

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Have you ever experienced groundhog day?

If you manage people the answer is probably "yes"

As a manager i discovered that this was first noticeable benefit of coaching - Groundhog Day stopped


When you coach someone using the simple GROW model


Define what the coaching is all about Make sure this is decided before you continue. Make sure you understand the bigger picture. How is the coachee feeling about the topic right now?


What is their goal for the topic? Agree what specific objective the coachee wants to achieve for the session. Set a long-term aim if applicable.


Invite self-assessment, Offer specific examples of feedback. Avoid or check any assumptions you are making. Discard irrelevant history


Cover the full range of options, invite suggestions from the coachee. Brainstorm suggestions. Ensure choices are made by the coachee

Way Forward/Wrap Up

The person being coached commits to action, Identify possible obstacles together. Make steps SMART. Agree on any support required.

By doing this, the coachee comes up with ideas for their own development and assumes responsibility for their own actions, they become empowered and are less likely to repeatedly ask the same questions. They have continuous development and get better as finding their own solutions

Coaching was voted the number one essential skill for managers by Google, for good reason.

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