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You Unlimited

Become the businesswomen you want to be, and lose your fear of playing big in business.

For Entrepreneurs: Welcome

Features of the YOU Unlimited program

On the Computer

Fortnightly individual one to one coaching

With a professional certified coach, all our coaches are experienced professionals and members of the ICF

Video Conference

Eight core pillar group training masterclass sessions

Designed to give you a toolkit for success in your own business, career and life

Outdoors Meeting

Award-Winning business leader mentoring

Online group mentoring monthly

Where you can 'ask anything' about your business.

For Entrepreneurs: Features
Image by Nada Jahed

Masterclasses Included in your roadmap to success.

For Entrepreneurs: List

Your Brand & Story 

Module 1: Introduction


In our introductory session, you’ll get oriented to the program and meet the other participants. We will also explore your Brand and get clear on how you want your business to look to the outside world, what values you want to portray. 

We will look at the power of storing telling and breakout to do our first exercise

Exercise - Sharing your story

LinkedIn and Social Media

Module 2: 

In this two-hour session, we explore the gold-mine benefits of Linkedin, to setting it up and what you need to do step by step to get the best from it. We will follow an exercise to ensure your profile is set up as five-star. We will also explore your experiences with Instagram & facebook and the benefits, shortcuts to making posts with Canva.

Quieten your Inner Critic 

Module 3

We all grapple with self-doubt. It slows down our productivity and keeps us from doing our most courageous and differentiated work in our businesses. 
In this module, you will learn: how culture, early life experiences and various aspects of our identity impact what and how our inner critics show up. We will explore simple practices you can use when self-doubt arises in your professional, creative, and personal life.

Unhooking from Praise and Criticism

Module 4

When women are crushed by criticism or dependent on praise, we can’t innovate, share controversial ideas, or effect change. In this module, you will learn:
How to receive challenging feedback without it being derailing or demoralising, also how to give feedback with impact using the SBIE Model. You will learn four transformational tools for becoming less attached to praise and less uncomfortable with criticism so that they can avoid internalising others’ projections or stereotypes.

Fear Management

Module 5

As we begin to do more courageous and groundbreaking work, or as our work becomes more visible, fear often comes up. If not dealt with, it leads to procrastination, stress, and creative blocks. In this module, you’ll learn an innovative approach for moving through fear, including. The two types of fear and why we need to react differently to each. How to apply this model to your own present fears and learn to live with fear in a new, healthy, and even comfortable way.

Niche & Selling

Module 6

Module 6: 
Niche & Selling -
You will learn a tried and tested approach to selling, called  "Build Desire with AIDA" Hints and Tips for selling by phone or online.
Choosing a niche is important & what happens if you don’t 
How to really choose the right niche for you. How to find your niche

Module 7: Negotiation & Communicating with Power

Module 7

All of us negotiate, in one form or another, every day. All too often, good girl norms, fears, and lack of training and practice cause us to give away our power in these conversations. In this module, you’ll learn:

     •  how to improve your performance in negotiations by changing how you think of negotiations, and the specific change in mindset that has this impact

     •  how to become more aware of what is negotiable in your work– and how to have more agency over your work by negotiating well

We will also look at ways women undermine themselves in communication.


Your Boardroom & End celebration 

Module 8

You will create your own 'boardroom' of support for your business with a guided exercise
Communicating with Power
The "little things" we do in our speech and writing that diminish our impact.
How to let them go and what to do instead. 
None of us can succeed alone, so we look at ways we can support each other.
Explore how women can advocate for each other across differences in identity as well as the obstacles and biases that often prevent us from doing so.
We celebrate our progress as a group.

Meet your Inner Mentor 

Bonus - Homework

Homework: The Inner Mentor
You will learn how you could move right past your insecurity, fear or indecision and instead access a voice of unfailing wisdom within yourself? In this bonus module, you will learn how to do just that, through the “inner mentor” tool.

In this module, you will learn:

    •  How to connect with your inner mentor
    •  how to utilise the inner mentor tool so that you become your own wise guides – and you don’t have to know all the right answers all the time!
    •  how to access and draw upon your own inner mentor as a powerful source of guidance and clarity in your life and career

Self -Discipline 


An Alternatives to Self-Discipline
All of us have sat with clients, team members, mentees, or loved ones who are disappointed that they’ve lost motivation toward an important goal, or are confused as to why they’ve gotten stuck in procrastination or self-sabotage. Likely, at some point in your life or career, you too have relied on self-discipline to achieve something, only to find that it failed you.


FREE – Six-week mental fitness program with an app

Not for the faint-hearted, but if you want true transformation, learn about your saboteurs, where they have power over you and how to connect with your sage mind more to be your most powerful self – run by ‘Charmaine Shirzad’ from Positive Fitness. This course -is life-changing by itself – worth $995 dollars, and offered AT NO EXTRA CHARGE as part of the THREE monthly programs.

For Entrepreneurs: About
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